Fourth Year

The School of Chemistry offers places twice yearly in the Master of Science by Coursework, BSc Honours and Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry.

These programs are designed to:
increase the student's knowledge and understanding of chemical science; develop the process and practice of chemical research; encourage the development of individual investigative skills, critical thought and the ability to evaluate information and to analyse experimental data; promote the acquisition of experimental or theoretical skills in areas currently relevant to one of the research groups in the School of Chemistry; improve oral and written communication skills; and ensure that students receive essential training in laboratory safety procedures.

These programs will also provide the student with the opportunity to establish/develop the following generic skills: an ability to evaluate scientific and professional literature, the ability to use conceptual models to rationalize experimental data, a capacity to articulate their knowledge and understanding in written and oral presentations, a capacity to provide a written report in professional format, a capacity to manage competing demands on time, including self-directed experimental work, a capacity to enhance teamwork skills as required, and respect for integrity in the conduct and reporting of scientific investigations.

Details in relation to these courses can be accessed from the links below.

Should further details be required please contact the administrator, Ms Andrea Oliver.

Telephone: 03 9035 3573
Postal: School of Chemistry
Room 253
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010

Master of Science by Coursework - Chemistry

BSc Honours - Chemistry

Advanced Graduate Diploma - Chemistry