Resources and Services

Find out about the resources and services available to you as a current Chemistry and University of Melbourne student

Here you can find out more about the resources and services available to you as a current Chemistry and University of Melbourne student.

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) is centrally supported by the University of Melbourne. It provides students with an online presence for subjects, managed by subject coordinators, tutors and support staff.

For all information and resources, such as lectures notes, subject notices and links to other websites, students should login to the LMS, using their university username, at

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Course and subject materials

First year students

ChemCAL Online is a web deliverable collection of interactive animations, questions and information developed for students studying first-year chemistry.

The Chemistry Learning Centre is a room where students can drop in at lunch time to seek help with their chemistry studies from the tutor on duty.

Seek course advice before you choose your second year subjects, as these will impact upon the options available to you in third year. You should also consider undertaking a major in chemistry, as well as further study.

If you have a specific first-year, study-related issue, please go to the Student Enquiries Counter at the First Year Laboratories (Chemistry building) or contact the First Year Coordinator, Dr Sonia Horvat.

Second and third year students

The subjects you choose for second year will greatly impact upon your study options in third year, particularly if you want to choose a major area of study. Course advice is usually provided to students in second semester. Course planning advice is available, but seek specific advice from your course coordinators.

Research Higher Degree Students

Further information about Fourth year and postgraduate study is also available.


The University offers a range of scholarships to support your study in Chemistry.

Melbourne Scholarships

Future Students Scholarships

Faculty of Science Scholarships

Student services

The School provides services, such as the staff student liaison committee, to assist students with their studies and resolve any issues they may encounter.

Study Abroad and Student Exchange: Professor S. Kolev is the School of Chemistry SASE Advisor. Any enquiries in this regard can be made by contacting him on (+613 8344 7931) or at .

Find out more about the student services offered by the School of Chemistry and at the University.