Chemistry Learning Centre

What is the 'First-Year Chemistry Learning Centre'?

The Learning Centre is a room where students can drop in to seek help with their chemistry problems from the tutor on duty. There are also textbooks, worked solutions to problems and computers available, where online course materials can be accessed.

When is the Learning Centre open?

The Learning Centre will be open from Week 2 of semester and will remain open during the examination period.

Opening hours

1pm to 2 pm Monday to Friday

Where is the Chemistry Learning Centre?

The Learning Centre is located on Level 1 of the Chemistry building. Once you enter the main doors of the Chemistry building the Learning Centre is to the right.

Chemistry Learning Centre Location
Location - Chemistry Learning Centre

Seeking help

You do not need to make an appointment to see a tutor; you are welcome to seek help whenever the Centre is open. If the Centre is very busy you may need to wait for a short time. Some students also use the Centre as a place to meet with other students and discuss chemistry.