Spectroscopy and Molecular Characterisation


The School currently conducts research in: fluorescence; mass spectrometry; NMR & EPR; AFM; optical microscopy; single particle & ultrafast spectroscopy; structural chemistry; X-ray & synchrotron research


  • Brendan Abrahams
    Brendan Abrahams, X-ray crystallography
  • Stephen Best
    Stephen Best, lectrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, EXAFS, infrared spectroscopy, UV-vis, EPR spectroscopy
  • Evan Bieske
    Evan Bieske, optical spectroscopy and MS of trapped nanoparticles, single particle spectroscopy, IR of charged complexes and clusters, molecular anions, photodissociation spectroscopy
  • Colette Boskovic
    Colette Boskovic, magnetochemistry
  • Ken Ghiggino
    Ken Ghiggino, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, single molecule spectroscopy
  • Carol Hua
    Dr Carol Hua, chiral coordination networks, chiral elucidation, redox-active materials
  • James Hutchison
    Dr James Hutchison, Exciton-polaritons, Surface plasmon photonics, Single molecule/particle spectroscopy, SERS, Molecular photophysics, 2D materials
  • Guy Jameson
    Guy Jameson, iron containing metalloenzymes, kinetics and spectroscopy, Mössbauer spectroscopy
  • David Jones
    David Jones, AFM, SEM, TEM, TEM tomography and organic thin film morphology
  • Dr Ivanhoe Leung
    Ivanhoe Leung, mechanistic and structural enzymology, biological chemistry, inhibitor discovery, enzyme technology, bioremediation, biological NMR spectroscopy
  • Paul Mulvaney
    Paul Mulvaney, ellipsometry, surface plasmon spectroscopy, single particle spectroscopy, fluorescence, exciton emission, plasmonics
  • Richard O'Hair
    Richard O'Hair, fundamental and applied mass spectrometry
  • Gavin Reid
    Gavin Reid, biological and biomedical mass spectrometry
  • Frances Separovic
    Frances Separovic, NMR spectroscopy, solid-state NMR
  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith, laser light scattering, fluorescence characterization, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, advanced optical microscopy, time-resolved fluorescence microscopy
  • Alessandro Soncini
    Alessandro Soncini, modelling of NMR and EPR spectroscopies
  • Wallace Wong
    Wallace Wong, photophysical characterisation, thin film microstructure analysis