Molecular Design and Synthesis


The School currently conducts research in: catalyst design; computational chemistry; free radical chemistry; ligands and metal complexes; macromolecules; supramolecular chemistry; templates


  • Brendan Abrahams
    Brendan Abrahams, crystal engineering, supramolecular chemistry
  • Colette Boskovic
    Colette Boskovic, polynuclear metal complexes, ligand synthesis, coordination chemistry
  • Paul Donnelly
    Paul Donnelly, coordination chemistry, macrocyclic chemistry, metal-based drugs, new electroactive materials
  • Ken Ghiggino
    Ken Ghiggino, polymer synthesis, photoactivated pro-drugs
  • Craig Hutton
    Craig Hutton, natural products, synthetic organic chemistry, amino acids, cyclic peptides
  • David Jones
    David Jones, design and synthesis of organic semiconducting materials
  • Anastasios Polyzsos
    Anastasios Polyzsos, visible light photoredox catalysis, transition metal catalysis, C-H activation, synergistic catalysis, novel reaction discovery, medicinal chemistry, flow chemistry
  • Daniel Priebbenow
    Daniel Priebbenow, transition-metal catalysis, C-H activation, organosilicon chemistry, photochemistry, medicinal chemistry
  • Gavin Reid
    Gavin Reid, post translational modifications, amino acids, peptides
  • Mark Rizzacasa
    Mark Rizzacasa, total synthesis of natural products, bioactive molecule synthesis
  • Richard Robson
    Richard Robson, new inorganic materials
  • Alessandro Soncini
    Alessandro Soncini, polynuclear metal complexes with large magnetic anisotropy
  • Tony Wedd
    Tony Wedd, polyoxometalate clusters
  • Jonathan White
    Jonathan White, stereoelectronic effects, structure correlation principle, DNA-binding radiomodifiers
  • Uta Wille
    Uta Wille, radical reactions, synthetic methodology, photochemistry, electrochemistry, computational chemistry
  • Spencer Williams
    Spencer Williams, carbohydrates, flavonols, sulfation
  • Wallace Wong
    Wallace Wong, controlled polymerisation, supramolecular chemistry, fullerene chemistry