Inorganic Chemistry


The School currently conducts research in: bioinorganic chemistry; catalysis; coordination chemistry; inorganic materials; metal ion dynamics; organometallic chemistry; transition metal chemistry


  • Brendan Abrahams
    Brendan Abrahams, coordination chemistry, structural chemistry
  • Stephen Best
    Stephen Best, bioinorganic chemistry, catalysis, electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, EXAFS, IR, UV-vis, EPR spectroscopy
  • Colette Boskovic
    Colette Boskovic, polynuclear metal complexes, molecular nanomagnets, magnetochemistry, ligand synthesis, coordination chemistry
  • Paul Donnelly
    Paul Donnelly, coordination chemistry, macrocyclic chemistry, metal-based drugs, radiopharmaceuticals, bioinorganic chemistry
  • Carol Hua
    Dr Carol Hua, chiral coordination networks, chiral elucidation, redox-active materials
  • Guy Jameson
    Guy Jameson, iron containing metalloenzymes, kinetics and spectroscopy, Mössbauer spectroscopy
  • Megan Maher
    Megan Maher, cellular metal homeostasis, metal transport across membranes, metals in mitochondrial complex assembly, electron transfer, structural biology
  • Richard O'Hair
    Richard O'Hair, mass spectrometry of biomolecules, fundamental and applied mass spectrometry
  • Richard Robson
    Richard Robson, new inorganic materials, coordination polymers
  • Alessandro Soncini
    Alessandro Soncini, modelling properties of d and f block metal complexes, molecular magnetism and spintronics of polynuclear metal complexes, spin Jahn-Teller instabilities in antiferromagnetic spin clusters
  • Tony Wedd
    Tony Wedd, polyoxometalate clusters, copper transport proteins, photoactive oxidation catalysts, 2D networks as electrode interfaces, gas phase reactivity of oxoanions, metal transport in hyperaccummulating plants