Analytical and Environmental Chemistry


The School currently conducts research in: - proteomics & lipidomics; environmental fate of pollutants; flow analysis methods; passive sampling; green chemistry; membrane separation; trace element analysis


  • Stephen Best
    Stephen Best, electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry
  • Ken Ghiggino
    Ken Ghiggino, fluorescence analysis, fluorescence probes
  • Franz Grieser
    Franz Grieser, advance oxidation processes (AOPs), sonochemical decomposition of organic pollutants
  • Spas Kolev
    Spas Kolev, flow injection analysis, trace metal analysis, phosphorus analysis, cyanide and thiocyanate analysis, membrane separation, ultrasound applications in flow analysis, transport and uptake mechanism in metal hyperaccumulating plants
  • Gavin Reid
    Gavin Reid, bioanalytical mass spectrometry
  • Tony Wedd
    Tony Wedd, gas phase reactivity of oxoanions, metal transport in hyperaccumulating plants