School of Chemistry's Student Awards Night

The School of Chemistry celebrated its annual Student Awards evening on 15th August to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding students of 2017. The event was held at Union House, where students, parents, friends, staff and supporters of the School had the opportunity to meet one another. Highlights from the evening included the welcome from the Dean of Science, Prof Karen Day, followed by Prof Evan Bieske announcing the launch of the Masson Fund for Chemistry. The Chemistry prizes and Industry awards were presented by Associate Prof Colette Boskovic and Dr Tash Polyzos.  Alex Rafaniello, first year Master of Science graduate student, closed the ceremony wonderfully with a speech recognizing our students' achievements, and thanking academic staff, industry partners, prize donors and alumni for their support and attendance.

Congratulations once again to the award winners:

  • Alec Barber – The Dwight Prize
  • Alex Rafaniello – The Dr Rex Williamson and Family Scholarship
  • Claire Dawson – The Agilent Award for Excellence
  • Dingchen Wen – The J.S. Anderson Prize and The Dulux Australia Prize
  • Hui Min Tay – The Charles Anthony Taylor Prize
  • Janice Mui – The Fred Walker Scholarship
  • Jett Janetzki – The James Cuming Memorial Scholarship (Major)
  • Kah Min Yap – The Exhibition Prize
  • Kim Kwan – The Ronald Riseborough Prize
  • Maja Dunstan – The Andrew Kirby Award for Research Excellence
  • Michael Leeming – The Monica Elizabeth Reum Memorial Prize
  • Siyu Miao – The James Cuming Memorial Scholarship (Minor)
  • Thomas Fellows – The Professor Kernot Research Scholarship and The Stanley Harvey Prize
  • Yang Yang – The Dixson Research Scholarship
  • Yazhou Wang – The Huntsman Australia Prize