School of Chemistry Summer Research Project, Germany

The School of Chemistry and the Chemistry Institute at Humboldt University of Berlin are offering third year students the opportunity to complete the research component of the Chemical Research Project CHEM30013 in Germany over 8 weeks between December 2019 and February 2020 whilst experiencing the German culture and a Winter lifestyle.


Students will pay their usual fees here in the usual manner for enrolment in Chemical Research Project subject, CHEM30013. They will then have to cover the cost of airfares, accommodation and living in Berlin.


Students approved to participate in this Summer Research Project in Germany will be considered for a Melbourne Global Scholars Award of $1,000. Funds are awarded, however, on academic merit and students should have an overall weighted average mark of at least 75% in their Bachelor of Science to be considered and not have received this award previously in their current degree.

Due Date

Your application which must be completed before midnight on Saturday, 31 August 2019.


Students will source accommodation independently.

Application information

Places are limited and where more applications are received than places are available, candidates will be selected on the following criteria:

  • strong results for the third year core subjects CHEM30015 and CHEM30016
  • an essay of 500 words explaining your reasons for wanting to participate.

All interested students must speak to Associate Professor Uta Wille before applying.

How to proceed?

Please ensure you meet standard exchange eligibility criteria.

After you have received permission from the Program Co-ordinator, Prof Uta Wille, apply using the Apply Now link below. Do NOT apply directly to Humboldt University.

When your application has been assessed and approved here, you will be contacted by the Global Learning office with instructions about completing the host institution application.

Apply Now