Students win big at the RACI Victorian Inorganic Chemistry Symposium

Chemistry students were ranked among the best in their field at the annual Royal Australian Chemical Institute Victorian Inorganic Chemistry Symposium that was held on Friday 04 November.

Stacey Rudd from the Donnelly Group won the Bruce West Prize for the best oral presentation. Gemma Gransbury, from the Boskovic Group, and Michael Scholz, from the Bieske Group, were also awarded prizes for their oral presentations. Ben Spyrou (Donnelly Group) won for best poster while HuiJing Koa, also from the Donnelly Group, won a prize for asking the best question.

The PhD student focused symposium brought together scientists from all over Victoria with over 100 delegates. Current research students presented 10 talks and they also chaired all the sessions. The plenary lecture was delivered by Associate Professor Deanna D’Alessandro.