Humboldt Exchange Program: First Students Arrive

This week, the School of Chemistry welcomed three students from Humboldt University (HU), Berlin, as part of the exchange program recently established by Associate Professor Uta Wille.

The exchange of students and staff between the Chemistry Department at Humboldt University (HU), Berlin, and the School of Chemistry at The University of Melbourne (UoM), has been funded through a grant of the DAAD. The exchange program will last initially for four years and has been rolled out in 2017, with Dr Armin Hoell (HU) visiting the University of Melbourne and Associate Professor Uta Wille (UoM) visiting Humboldt University in the first round of exchanges.

The first three students from HU have just arrived, who will be doing the Chemistry Research Project (CHEM30013) in the School of Chemistry: Julius Stueckrath will be working in Dr Lars Goerigk's group, Kim Greis will be working in Professor Richard O'Hair's group, and Xenia Meissner will be working in Professor Spencer Williams' group. The first three UoM students will travel to Berlin after the Semester 2 exam period is finished to do the summer CHEM30013 project at HU. The School of Chemistry is looking forward to a successful exchange program that will give students (and staff) the experience to work and study in another country and institution.