Faculty of Science awarded Australian Research Council funding

Faculty of Science researchers will share in more than $12 million dollars of funding from the latest ARC round of grants.

Five researchers received Discovery Early Researcher Awards: Dr Ashleigh Hood, Dr Candice Boyd, Dr Tobias Ide, Dr Yaping yang and Dr Gufang Zhao will each receive three years of funding to develop their own research programs.

The Faculty was also awarded 23 ARC Discovery Projects across the biosciences, chemistry, geography, mathematics and statistics, and physics.

Additionally, the School of Physics received a Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant, led by Professor Geoff Taylor, to enable the future of the Australian collider physics program with CERN in Europe and SuperKEKE in Japan.

Professor Rob Scholten and Professor Roger Rassool each received ARC Linkage grants to build industry-focussed research on laser technology and stress resilience in pigs, respectively.

Below is the list of successful Discovery and DECRA projects and lead Chief Investigators:

Lead Chief Investigator

Project Title

Peter Vesk

Integrating Niches, Interactions & Dispersal in Species Distribution Models

Michael Kearney

Environmental mismatch in invertebrate translocations for conservation

John Morrongiello

Understanding climate and harvest induced changes in fish life histories

Alexandre Fournier-Level

The Transgenerational effect of thermosensing in plants

Ary Hoffman

Wolbachia endosymbionts: novel strain dynamics in Australian Drosophila

Staffan Persson

Can we engineer plants to grow on salty soils?

Devi Stuart-Fox

How beetles harness near-infrared properties to enhance energy efficiency

Charles Robin

Could Gene Drives be used to eliminate incursions of Drosophila suzukii?

Colette Boskovic

Harnessing redox-active ligands in functional metal complexes

Gavin Reid

Cutting the Fat: Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry for Lipidome Analysis

Craig Hutton

Thioamide ligations: new technologies for peptide and protein synthesis

Celia McMichael

Sea-level rise and everyday lives in small island states

Lesley Head

Social benefits of market-based policy instruments for carbon and water

Craig Hodgson

Classical and quantum invariants of low-dimensional manifolds

Jan de Gier

Matrix product multi-variable polynomials from quantum algebras

David Balding

Improved models to understand the genomic architecture of complex traits

Andy Martin

Controlling spin coherence with rotation

Lloyd Hollenberg

Integrating quantum hyperpolarisation in nuclear magnetic resonance systems

Phillip Urquijo

Searching for New Phenomena in Semileptonic B decays with Belle II

Nicole Bell

Dark Matter Interactions

Steven Prawer

Diamond Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors

Stephan Rachel

Search for Spin Liquids and Novel Physics of Strongly Correlated Electrons

Phillip Urquijo

Measuring critical background in the Australian search for dark matter

Ashleigh Hood

The oxygenation of Earth’s early marine ecosystems.

Candace Boyd

Engaging youth in regional Australia.

Tobias Ide

The impact of disasters on armed conflicts.

Yaping Yang

Integrable systems from gauge theories.

Gufang Zhao

Elliptic representation theory: the study of symmetries across geometry, algebra and physics.