Analytica Chimica Acta Paper by Henry West and Prof Gavin Reid

Congratulations to Henry West and Prof Gavin Reid for the publication of their paper in Analytica Chimica Acta.

The paper reports the development of a novel UV photodissociation-tandem mass spectrometry approach for the improved structural characterization of sterol lipids. The research for this paper was done by Henry West, a current MSc student in the Reid group, while he was an undergraduate student enrolled in the third-year chemistry research project (CHEM30013) in 2019. This is a great example of the high-quality research that our undergraduate students can produce and the School of Chemistry would like to congratulate Henry on his achievement.

You can read the paper "Hybrid 213 nm photodissociation of cationized Sterol lipid ions yield [M]+. Radical products for improved structural characterization using multistage tandem mass spectrometry" here.