Jeremy Tan

In my second year I developed a passion for Organic Chemistry. I was fascinated by the way organic reactions work.

Photo of Jeremy Tan

I commenced my studies at the University of Melbourne in 2004, specialising in Chemistry and Pharmacology. In my second year I developed a passion for Organic Chemistry. In particular, I was fascinated by the way organic reactions work and decided to deepen my understanding of Organic Chemistry and reaction mechanisms by undertaking an Honours degree (completed in 2007), which was followed by a PhD (completed in 2012). During my studies, I also worked as a mathematics tutor at a tuition centre and as a first year laboratory demonstrator in the School of Chemistry, where I gained valuable teaching skills and experiences.

After graduating from my PhD, I moved to Singapore, the heart of Asia, to pursue a career in teaching. In 2012, I accepted a role as a lecturer in the School of Chemical and Life Sciences at Singapore Polytechnic. My initial role was a very enjoyable experience, because I was teaching Organic Chemistry modules to first, second and third year polytechnic students. After a quick adjustment from study-life to work-life, I have embraced this change in environment, which is fast paced and constantly developing.

I have seized and relished every opportunity that has been given to me. I took on the role and responsibilities of a member of the Course Management Team and was appointed as a Final Year Project coordinator and a Senior Liaison Officer for Internships. These duties have given me the opportunity to interact with countless industries in Singapore and around the world, which really opened my eyes and gave me a sense of the global chemical industry. My lecturing was also complimented by many promising and exciting R&D project collaborations, which I have been fortunate enough to be involved in.

As a lecturer, I have realised that my role is more than just lecturing students. I am enthused by the diversity of the work and the many opportunities that I have for further professional development. Most importantly: my students and colleagues are amazing.