Staff Student Liaison Committee

A forum for student comment and feedback on the undergraduate teaching program.

Avenues for student comment and feedback:

  1. Student representative of the SSLC or Lecturer
  2. Course coordinator
  3. Assoc. Prof. Trevor Smith (Chair of Chemistry SSLC)
  4. Head of the School of Chemistry

Student Representatives

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

MSc and Hons

Jeanette Chan

Rafael Ungar

Rory Sheperd

Ruslana Vydelingum

Brendon Bezuidenhout

Henry West

Cindy Huynh

Drishti Rajesth

Yangqi Xu

Magfei Qin

Clayton Carner

Anja Aardal

Stephen Zang

Jasraaj Singh

Matthew Bell

Isobel Todd

Dale Lonsdale

Academic Members