Staff Student Liaison Committee

A forum for student comment and feedback on the undergraduate teaching program.

Avenues for student comment and feedback:

  1. Student representative of the SSLC or Lecturer
  2. Course coordinator
  3. Assoc. Prof. Trevor Smith (Chair of Chemistry SSLC)
  4. Head of the School of Chemistry

Student Representatives

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

MSc and Hons

CHEM10003 (Semester 1)

Nguyen Hao My

Brittany Suann

Melody Ooi

Brendon Bezuidenhout

Lewis Constable

Avvaldeep Khaira


Sanlin Fisher

James Cummings


Shubham Ranjam

Jacqueline Yap

Ashley Hanson

Alastair Wu-Zhou Weng

Damien Cleary

Dale Lonsdale

Maja Dunstan (Masson)

Christopher Traill (Bio21)

Academic Members

  • Assoc. Prof. Trevor Smith (Chair)
  • Dr Stephen Best
  • Dr Alessandro Soncini
  • Dr Sonia Horvat

Meeting Dates

  • 23 March